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Here, I am writing about question pattern of SMU for MBA. If you are doing MBA from SMU then you have to appear in the examination with following question pattern:-
“A”, “B” and “C” there are three types of question will be asked in MBA examination which will be arranged by Sikkim Manipal University.
Note: All questions will be objective types. You have to choose only one right answer in four probable answers.
With the “A” Pattern there will be simple question with for options. “A” Types question will contain only 1 mark while “B” has 2 marks and “C” has three.
Example of Question “A”
1. Management is
(a) Science
(b) Art
(c) Science and Art both
(d) None of these

You have to choose only one correct answer among these.
Example of Question “B”
2. Advantage of Client Server System
(1) Faster Response time to requests for processing
(2) Better local cost control of operations and development
(3) Increase of responsibilities and cost overhead at center
(4) Enables distributions of processing from centralized to desktop computing.

(a) 2), 3) and 4)
(b) 1), 2) and 4)
(c) 1) and 2)
(d) 1), 3) and 4)

Among these you have to choose one option and you will get 2 marks for a correct answer.
Example of Question “C”
3. Match the Following
Set A
(a) Individual branding
(b) Overall Family Branding
(c) Line Family Branding
(d) Brand Extension Branding

Set B
(1) Using Existing Brand for a new product
(2) Uses family brands within the particular line
(3) Giving all of a product’s the same name
(4) Using different brand name
(5) Using on licensing fee

(A) a)-4), b)-3), c)-2), d)-1)
(B) a)-1), b)-2), c)-3), d)-5)
(C) a)-5), b)-4), c)-3), d)-2)
(D) a)-4), b)-2), c)-1), d)-3)

You have to choose only one correct answer and you will get 4 marks. All questions will be in these three types and all will be objectives.
Before appearing make sure you should have a black BAL pen and before starting solving question read carefully all the instructions.
In the SMU there is grade system to marks achievement. Grade A shows Excellent and marks score will show 70% above. In the B Grade it will show Very Good and Marks will show more than 60%. In the C Grade will be Good and marks will be more than 50%. In the D Grade results will show Satisfactory and marks will be more than 40%. And E Grade is for failure students.
In my next mails I will share some most probable questions which will be asked in the examination of MBA.
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